My name is Niki and I’m an aspiring comedy writer.  I’m often told that my writing is not funny.  So it’s not looking good so far.

I’ve been told I need to do something for the community by my parole officer.  So in my quest to help others and be a better writer, I’ve started this blog about comedy writing for film, tv and radio.  Every week I’ll post up a comedy tip to improve your writing, whether you want to be a comedy writer or just want to add a bit of humour into your drama.

What’re my qualifications you say?  I’ve /watched/listened to/read lots of comedy so I’m well qualified.  I hope that by doing this blog, I can improve my skills as a writer.  And at the same time help you, dear writer, with yours.

(I’m joking about the parole officer – it was my pet hamster).

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